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Dolphin Assisted Therapy is not good for children or dolphins Print

I have a diagnosis of ADHD and ASD.  Last year a charity sent some others and me from my school to go to SeaWorld in the USA andSwim with Dolphins. It was good of the charity and I enjoyed it at the time. Through I didn’t behave well, I’m sorry for that. I didn’t kiss the dolphins, I don’t know why. They told my Mum I was the only one who would not kiss the dolphin.
Then I saw ‘The Cove’. It’s a film about some protestors, heroes really, who film the killing of Dolphins at Taichi Cove in Japan. They say that it is selling some dolphins for therapy andentertainment that makes catching the dolphins profitable.RicBarry started it all, because he trained the dolphins for Flipper, the TV series.  Afterwards he knew that was wrong. He must feel awful, if I were him I’d just kill myself, but now he fights to free dolphins.
If they told the child the truth, if they told him the truth when he swam with dolphins, he wouldn’t want to do it, if he was truly passionate like me, he would protest, he would fight. I feel like dolphins were being enslaved really. I am so angry at myself because I should have known better, that imprisoning dolphins was wrong.I feel like a man should have more passion, should care for others around him and others is animals too.
If dolphins were in our position using us for their entertainment, imprison us, and using us it would be much different. 
I have this fantasy, a silly fantasy really, that scientists could do something to help the dolphins like give them metal teeth so they can break free or learn to communicate with them so they know not to go to the Cove.
The end of the film will not leave my head; theblood lapping in the sea and the dolphin’s screams. I hope they can forgive us.

CAB, aged 16, UK

Some links:

-Dolphin Assisted Therapy: More Flawed Data and More Flawed Conclusions. A review of relevant research finds no evidence for any more than a fleeting improvement in mood, but danger of injury and infection for dolphin and human.
The Cove Condemns Marine Parks. Sea World claims they have not brought any dolphins from Taichi Cove since the eighties. But industry associations do not ask members outside the US not to do so.


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