The voice of Europeans with ADHD

We advocate on behalf of people with ADHD for their rights to have equal access to diagnosis and treatment, and serve as a platform for our member organisations to share information and collaborate on research to help the European community.

About us

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Supporting People

ADHD affects around 4% of adults and 5% of children in Europe. We work with patient advocacy groups across the continent to be a voice for people with ADHD.

Leading Research

We help our members run and participate in research to improve the lives of people with ADHD, with projects like BeHave and Eat2BeNice.

Raising Awareness

We campaign against the stigma associated with ADHD and provide clear and true information through campaigns like ADHD Awareness Month.

our mission

ADHD Europe exists to advance the rights and dignities, and advocate for, all those affected by ADHD (and coexisting conditions) across Europe.

ADHD Europe has a vision for an inclusive European community, where people affected by ADHD can experience well-being and achieve their full potential, and can also contribute to the well-being of their community and wider society

ADHD Europe is committed to combating the stigma, injustice, and intolerance that people with ADHD face in their daily life. ADHD Europe represents the voices of national and regional ADHD organisations from across Europe…

What's it like to live with ADHD?


This brilliant mini-documentary, created by a team of young researchers of the MiND research project and 4QFilms, provides an understanding of what it’s like to live with ADHD from a personal and scientific perspective.

For more information on the video and its’ contributors, take a look at our media release.


There are a number of common misconceptions about ADHD which prevent proper access to diagnosis & treatment for millions of people.

Not just for children

Many believe that only children suffer from ADHD, and although some people can outgrow many of the symptoms of ADHD by their late 20s, the majority retain their symptoms into later life. Read more...

Not just for boys

Although predominantly studied & understood in boys, women and girls can also suffer from ADHD. Read more...


Our member organisations are drawn from over 20 nations across the European continent.

Each member organisation has full voting rights at ADHD Europe’s AGM and elect our board members. Click below to find out more about our board and see the full list of our members.