The 2009  Diagnosis/Treatment of AD/HD in Europe – ‘Differences, Problems & Progres’ was made possible  with contributions from 19 European countries with thanks to the Research subcommittee of ADHD Europe led by Stephanie Clark to assess the difficulties encountered in comparing AD/HD Care across Europe by conducting a survey.

Contents of the 2009 survey include

National  Policy  and Diagnosis  and  Treatment
– Diagnosis of Children Diagnosis of Adults Treatment
– Evidence Base of Treatments Innovative Treatment Programmes Useful Programmes

Medication  for  AD/HD
– Availability Costs Reimbursement
– Other restrictions on Medication

Access to Diagnosis & Treatment
– Regional Variations within Countries Capitals, Regions and Populations Waiting Times

Training of  Professional
– Lack of Knowledge College Education
– Continuing Education of Professionals
– Do Professional Services Network to Improve Services?

– Are Accommodations Available in Schools? Parents’ Struggle
– Other Help Classroom Assistance
– Teachers Attitude to Teaching Children with AD/HD Communication
– Training of Teachers
– Continuous Pedagogical Education Conclusions on Teaching

Adults in the Workplace
-Discussion Results
– Disability, the Workplace and the Law Small Projects


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