Join us in Leiden, Netherlands?  

When? 15 October 2022 

ADHD Europe in partnership with our member organisation Impuls & Wortblind based in Netherlands have been preparing activities since 2021 to celebrate ‘the Power of ADHD’ at the European City of Science 2022 in Leiden.

The programme during the event in Leiden is sure to showcase creativity, fantasy, interviews and interactive sessions with experts in the field of ADHD as ‘Science makes our minds wonder!’

Our aim will be to raise awareness by providing a further understanding of ADHD, as well as how society can participate to lesson the burden for people living with ADHD during the workshops at universities and the activities scheduled in the city. The full downloadable programme will be available soon and we are happy to announce the following scheduled talks (in person and broadcasted online!) 

  • Only humans can imagine the Future with Jacques Verraes LL.M. (Directorate-General for Research and Innovation at the European Commission)
  • Focus on ADHD Women Health Research – Blurring the borders between living experience and clinical expertise’with Prof. Sandra Kooij & Bethan Burnside PhD
  • Creativity! A shared responsibility with Prof. Robert Vermeiren interviews Young People
  • Positive Qualities of ADHD with Martine Hoogman PhD, Assistant Professor and Lessa Schippers (Student, Master Cognitive Neuroscience) & – Open invitation to citizens to be a researcher and talk about science for the day!

Talk-show “How employers profit from ADHD-strengths, like fantasizing outside the box?” 

  • Marianne Schulpen, Company Doctor at AkzoNobel
  • Guss Lustig, Company doctor at University of Leiden
  • Berend Rub,HR-advisor, DSW Dutch Health Care Insurance Company

“Coming out @ Work”

  • Nicholas Cointepas (Innovation Consultant, VC investor, ADHD)

 “Addiction, self-medication & recovery”

Scientific Newsroom

  • ADHD Research projects sharing their outcomes

Interactive Activities   

  • Speedcoaching – During the event participants can book a 15 minute talk with a coach, psychiatrist or psychologist 
  • Pop-Up Citizens Science Street Lab (tutorials, workshops) 
  • Science-on-Wheels, Mobile Science Lab (wellness, greenspaces)

Information booths

  • Learn more about ADHD Europe and the members of ADHD Europe 
  • Access to Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD in Europe 
  • The ADHD Women Project www.adhd-women.eu 
  • How to Raise Awareness with us about ADHD!
  • ADHD Awareness Month – Understanding a Shared Experience

The board members of ADHD Europe from Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Iceland, Malta, Finland and Belgium invite you to come engage with us. Find out what ADHD is by asking us questions and join our fantasy driven activities. 

Watch this space for more news to follow!! 

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