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ADHD Awareness Month

Come celebrate with us ‘any time of the year’ is ADHD Awareness. Below you can also find some  some ideas to get involved with raising awareness! ADHD Awareness Month’s goal is to provide reliable information and resources to help people move forward with ADHD. Although the month of October is designated as ADHD Awareness Month, learning and sharing information about ADHD is beneficial all year long! In keeping with our 2023 theme, Moving Forward with ADHD, we encourage the ADHD community to help all people move forward by continuing to share information, understanding, and support.

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Stigma & Discrimination Across Europe

ADHD Europe was formed in 2009 and founded by several European patient organisations across Europe. Today, our members help people living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and promote public awareness and generating advocacy throughout their European countries with/without their national Health Ministries for accessible health services and treatment.

People living with ADHD can most probably tell you how many times they have had to explain that ‘ADHD is Real’ and what it is like to live with ADHD.  We have created this useful page so that you can refer people to information about ADHD in the hope that it can help reduce the amount of stigma & discrimination by providing scientific evidenced-based information. It can be hard for some people to believe that mental health conditions such as ADHD actually does do exist.

People with ADHD want to be better understood – to change things for the better especially with misinfomation about ADHD which can be very stigmatizing. Worldwide Patient support organisations celebrate ‘ADHD Awareness Month’ every year. Many support organisations across Europe started off with parents  with self-awareness and talking with people in society about what it is like living with ADHD. 

”While we have learned a lot and are still learning, there’s so much more we can do to combat stigma surrounding ADHD in society”
ADHD Europe Awareness and Advocacy Committee

Stigma & Discrimation

October is ADHD Awareness Month

ADHD Europe collaborate with global coalitions who are dedicated to combatting the stigma of ADHD and setting the record straight on what ADHD is by running online campaigns around each year’s theme. All the myths and facts have been busted by expert articles or videos. All the common questions are answered during ADHD Awareness Month. 

How to Get Involved?

The main objective is to increase public awareness and promote advocacy. Here are some ideas to get involved

  • Find a support organisation in your country to get more involved as a volunteer
  • Talk about ADHD everywhere (local schools, colleges, universities, workplace, social gatherings)
  • Create posters (drawings, infographics) – share them on social media, or they could be mounted in medical colleges, universities, hospitals, public places etc. 
  • Arrange press conference, media briefing sessions etc. involving local media (Newspaper, magazine articles)
  • Host Seminars, conferences, public awareness sessions
  • Follow ADHD Europe on Social Media and share you ideas!

    Child, Teenager and Adult

    • Busting Myths with Facts
    • Books recommendations for all
    • Common Questions and Answers about ADHD
    • Articles and Videos by International Experts Sharing their Knowledge as an ADHD Professional
    • ADHD Europe Official Declarations (In the Workplace, Girls & Women, Help! My Teenager is Becoming an Adult)

    Diagnosis & Treatment of ADHD

    Here you will find the following information about Diagnosis / Treatment ‘Across the Lifespan’

    • Sharing Best Practices and  Sharing experiences
    • ADHD Europe survey about the situation with regards to Access to Diagnosis & Treatment in Europe. 
    • Articles & Videos produced by by International Experts about ‘Common Questions and Answers’ and ‘Busting Myths with Facts’ for all people living with ADHD 

    Broadcasting ADHD Europe

    This Youtube channel was launched in 2020 with various categories of 

    • Research News
    • Psychiatrists and Psychologists giving advice to people with ADHD Women, Autism, @Work, Sex, Sleep, Kids
    • ADHD Europe members sharing ‘Best Practices’ and ‘Experiences’ from their EU country.
    • Lobby & Visions & Insights & Courses Actions to take for our Future. 

    Sharing Experiences & Awareness

    This Youtube channel was launched in October 2022. ADHD Europe members  and the ADHD Women Project team are currently contributing to this channel to raise awareness. It is our hope, that together we can raise awareness and combat stigma and discrimination. We also believe in gender equality for both men and women.

    ADHD Living Library


    Launched in October 2022, our member organisations have provided us with a list of books. More languages coming soon. Download the card to share on social media or you can download the full card to make prints to share!

    • Beginners Guide 
    • Adults
    • Teenager/s
    • Children
    • Parents
    • ADHD in Women

    Let’s get Cooking for your Brain!

    The Eat2beNICE Research Consortium (Grant nr 72801) has made an online cookbook with healthy recipes that are good for your brain. Easy-to-follow recipes and videos to watch while preparing your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Including tips & tricks from people with ADHD. Click this link to access the cookbook.  Download the card to share on social media or you can download the full card to make prints to share!


    At ADHD Europe, we contribute our knowledge of lived experiences of people living with ADHD,  by attending various ADHD research consortia meetings research in collaboration with our supportive partners, scientists, academics and research consortia.

    Organisational Members Across Europe

    • Austria, Wien


    • Belgium, Brussels

      ADHD, ASC & LD Belgium

    • Croatia, Zagreb

      Udruga Buđenje

    • Cyprus

      ADD-ADHD Cyprus
      Telephone: +357-99651995

    • Denmark, Odense


    • Tallin, Estonia

      Eesti ATH Liit  “ADHD Estonia” 
      Location: Tallin, Estonia

    • Faroe Islands, Tórshavn

      ADHD Felagið
      Phone: +298 211428

    • Finland, Helsinki

      ADHD-liitto ry

    • France, Grasse


    • Germany, Urmitz

      Email: or

    • Greece, Athens

      ADHD Hellas
      Email: /

    • Hungary, Cegléd

      ADHD Public Benefit Non Profit National Association 

      Location: Szolnok, Hungary

    • Iceland, Reykjavik

      ADHD Samtökin

    • Ireland, Dublin


    • Italy, Rignano Flaminio

      A.I.F.A. Onlus – Associazione Italiana Famiglie ADHD

    • Luxembourg, Strassen

      Treffpunkt A.D.H.S. asbl

    • Malta, Mosta

      ADHD Malta

    • Netherlands, Nijkerk

      Impuls & Woortblind
      Email: or

    • North Macedonia, Skopje


    • Slovenia, Novo Mesto

      Rainbow Warriors (Mavrični Bojevniki)

    • Spain, Barcelonia

      Fundacion Adana
      Email: /

    • Spain

      Federico Española de Asociaciones de Ayuda al Déficit de Atención e Hiperactividad (FEAADAH)

    • Sweden, Stockholm

      Riksforbundet Attention

    • Switzerland, Wabern


      Phone: +41 (0)31 352 00 15

    • Switzerland, Lausanne

      Phone: +41 (0)31 352 00 15

    • United Kingdom, London

      ADDISS – ADHD Information Services

    • United Kingdom, Scotland

      Dundee & Angus ADHD Support Group

    • United Kingdom, Lincoln

      ADHD Lincs

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    Our Organisational Members

    Our member organisations are drawn from over 25 nations across the European continent.

    European Events by Patient Organisations

    October is ADHD Awareness Month, and this webpage celebrates activities by our member organisations who celebrate with the whole month by raising awareness in their respective countries 

    International Events

    ADHD Europe represent the voices of people living with ADHD at various events. These events are either held in Brussels Parliament, or online, or at international conventions with researchers, or experts in the field of ADHD.

    Our Website

    Launched in 2023 on our website, an ongoing project to add ‘All you need to Know’ in various languages with contributions from our members.  

    •  Alles was du wissen musst
    •  Alles wat u moet weten
    • Minden, amit tudnod kell
    • Tutto quello che devi sapere
    • Wszystko co musisz wiedzieć

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    Our Brochure

    Support our efforts by printing or sharing our brochure which has a QR code giving all the latest information.

    Become a member?

    ADHD Europe is dedicated to advancing the rights of patients on every level within Europe, and as such, welcomes anyone who wish to become members. 

    ADHD Europe cannot provide individual support to our members and if you are in need of this support, we strongly suggest that before applying to be a member that you consult or apply for membership with an organisation near you. You can find a member organisation in your country here.


    Your donation will be much appreciated and will be used for our communication outeach dissemination programmes 

    Broadcasting ADHD Europe
    – ADHD Advocacy 
    – ADHD Women Project
    – Awareness Activities

    Research – R2D2 Mental Health

    Positive Disruptors: ADHD Woman and their Wins

    Research – Treating Women with PMDD and ADHD: A Pilot Study

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    Further Information

    Thank you for visiting our website below are references which contains information about the facts of ADHD, book recommendations for all, common questions and answers about ADHD,  articles and videos by International Experts sharing their medical knowledge and best practices, literature and scientific publications, Clinical Practice Guidelines for Diagnosis & Treatment of ADHD, diagnositic tools, ADHD Europe Official Declarations (In the Workplace, Girls & Women, Help! My Teenager is Becoming an Adult), ADHD Europe survey about the situation with regards to Access to Diagnosis & Treatment in Europe, ADHD Awareness, ADHD Research.

    ADHD Awareness

    ADHD Europe collaborate with global coalitions  whot together with us to tackle issues to combat stigma & discrimination by sharing information which is informative for the public and can be used in society.


    One of our key priorities is to promote the collaboration of scientific research into ADHD with evidence-based information

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