Membership Criteria

ADHD Europe is dedicated to advancing the rights of patients on every level within Europe, and as such, welcomes individuals who wish to become members. All members must be independent of governments, political parties, and commercial interests, and accept the Articles of Association and evidence-based treatments for ADHD. Everyone engaged in ADHD Europe must act professionally and independently, with neutrality towards religion, religious beliefs, and political allegiances.

There are a number of different categories of membership with different criteria and benefits:

Full Members

The full members of ADHD Europe are the only members with voting rights at our Annual General Meeting, and are national, regional, or local ADHD Advocacy groups based in Europe. Organisations wishing to apply for full membership must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a non-profit organisation.
  • Have a board whose membership is at least 60% people who have ADHD or are the parents, carers, or partners of people with ADHD.
  • The organisation’s main role should be advocacy, support, campaigning for open access, and other services for people affected by ADHD.

Affiliate Members

Affiliate membership is non-voting, and is open to non-profit organisations that either:

  • provide services to professionals and patients, managed by professionals; or
  • work to support people/families with disability or mental health, whose work includes but is not specific to ADHD, and have at least 50% patient representation on their boards.

Individual / Professional Members

Professional Members
This membership is open to individuals who work in the field of ADHD or have an impact on the lives of people with ADHD (e.g. health professionals, educators, social workers, criminal justice workers).

Individual Members
Anyone may apply for individual membership for themselves. This membership is ideal for adults with ADHD / parents, carers, or partners of people with ADHD.

Applying for Membership

Applications for any type of membership must be made in writing to the President. Applications for Full or Affiliate membership must be supported by at least two existing Full or Affiliate members whose membership has not lapsed.

The admission of all new members is subject to the approval of the board, and applications for Full or Affiliate membership are confirmed at the Annual General Meeting where applicants shall present their organisation and a summary of its activities.

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