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Many adults recognise symptoms of having ADHD, or are parents of a child have ADHD and found out that ADHD is genetic within families and get to know more about ADHD via our various awareness activities ,

Please contact one of our member organisations in your European country should you have any country specific countries. ADHD Europe does not offer any individual support or give references to coaches that may contact. 

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ADHD in Women

The heavy social and personal impact of ADHD on females points to the importance of early identification and treatment. In order to achieve this goal, the indicators (symptoms) need to be better understood by healthcare professionals and society at large. Satisfactory academic achievement should not rule out an ADHD diagnosis.  We want to change this. 

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ADHD in the Workplace

Our awareness raising activities include outreach to employers to help put structures in place so that they can recognize why otherwise competent and knowledgeable employees are underperforming and unable to hold their own in the workplace. We invite you to read articles, watch some useful videos and explore more about ADHD in the Workplace,


Why does my partner with ADHD have so much trouble with emotional regulation?

How does distraction challenge a relationship when a partner has ADHD?

What challenges to communication are caused by ADHD?

ADHD, Sex, Intimacy & Relationships

Help & Sucess in LIfe

Can you have a successful life with ADHD? ADHD does present challenges, but among the unique characteristics of ADHD, there are both positive and negative traits. These traits provide benefits, resources, skills and strategies you can use to overcome those challenges. Read more here 

What can help people with ADHD who need to spend a lot of time on their computers?Whether viewing interesting or tedious material on computer screens for long periods of time, the very act can be physically, mentally, and emotionally stressful. Fortunately, many simple-to-use strategies are easily accessible, readily available, and offer relief. Read more here

Short Videos

Each question below has a short video for you to watch that has been recorded and provided by an expert in the field of ADHD diagnosis, treatment, and life with ADHD. Click on the links below to watch a video. 

What lifestyle changes can improve family life?

What is the role of self-care in managing ADHD?

What are some things adults can do if they think they may have ADHD?

How can people balance attention to strengths as well as to relative challenges?

Health & Healthy Living

What are some ways to reduce stress with ADHD? Medication, psychotherapy or coaching are often important first steps to reduce stress with ADHD by lowering core ADHD symptoms, changing unhelpful habits, and achieving goals. At the same time, a healthy lifestyle (regular daily routine, adequate sleep, healthy diet, exercise, time in nature), mindfulness practice, and effective communication create the foundation for stress resilience. Read more here

Further Information

Thank you for visiting our website below are references which contains information about the facts of ADHD, book recommendations for all, common questions and answers about ADHD,  articles and videos by International Experts sharing their medical knowledge and best practices, literature and scientific publications, Clinical Practice Guidelines for Diagnosis & Treatment of ADHD, diagnositic tools, ADHD Europe Official Declarations (In the Workplace, Girls & Women, Help! My Teenager is Becoming an Adult), ADHD Europe survey about the situation with regards to Access to Diagnosis & Treatment in Europe, ADHD Awareness, ADHD Research.

ADHD Awareness

ADHD Europe collaborate with global coalitions  whot together with us to tackle issues to combat stigma & discrimination by sharing information which is informative for the public and can be used in society.


One of our key priorities is to promote the collaboration of scientific research into ADHD with evidence-based information

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