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This livestream was held after our Annual General Meeting with our European members of ADHD Europe and variety of expert speakers in the field of ADHD direct from Cyprus, Limassol on 9 thApril 2022. The event was open to the public.

Speaker biographies and more information about the research projects with Horizon 2020 research consortia can be found below. These projects are

Eat2BeNice & Trace Project

Candy Project

TimeSpan Project

We would like to thank the following guest speakers for joining our mini-congress – Marina Georgiou,  Carola Stivala,  Dr Georgios Mikellides, Annick Huberts-Bosch MSc, Prof Jan Buitelaar,  Prof Henrik Larsson and Dr Stella Spyridi.


ADD-ADHD-Cyprus, Good practices, Challenges, Future Action for Cyprus & EU Member Interview with Marina Georgiou (President, ADHD Cyprus) who will be interviewed  by Carola Stivala (ADHD Europe Board member, Vice-President ADHD Malta)
Replay Link 

The Use of TMS (Transcranial Magneto/Electro Brain Stimulation for ADHD Presented by Dr Georgios Mikellides (Cyprian, Psychiatrist)
Speaker Biography Replay Link

What’s better for children with ADHD: healthy diet, elimination diet, or just standard care? 
Eat2BeNice & Trace Project – Presented by Annick Huberts MSc (Karakter, Radboud University, NL)  
Speaker Biography and more info about the Project
Replay Link

The biological links between ADHD and co-existing somatic illnesses and how treatment and monitoring can be improvePresented by Prof. Jan Buitlaar (Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands)
Speaker Biography and more info about the Project
Replay Link

Management of cardiometabolic disease and treatment discontinuity in adults with ADHD: Project overview and preliminary results of the TimeSpan Research Project –  Presented by Prof Henrik Larsson (Örebro University SE) 
Speaker Biography and more info about the Project
Replay Link

ADHD in Adults and the current situation in Cyprus  Presented by Dr Stella Spyridi (Adult Psychiatrist, Cyprus) who is Professional Advisory Board member of ADD-ADHD Cyprus. Speaker Biography. A replay is not available at the moment.

We hope that you enjoyed our programme of speakers and topics.  

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Pathways to care for ADHD with Dr. Blandine French- 28 October 2021 – In this webinar, Dr. Blandine French, researcher at Nottingham University, will talk about the toolbox she designed for professionals in the frontline treatment of ADHD (GPs, coaches, psychologists, etc). This learning tool will help professionals, individuals, and parents to recognise and understand ADHD.

Spotlight on new insights on health in women with ADHD – 20 October 2021 – 
Prof. Dr. Sandra Kooij and Dr. Dora Wynchank will be returning to Broadcasting ADHD Europe shining a light on women with ADHD. During this public webinar they will be talking about research insights on health of women with ADHD, incl. hormones and cardiac health. Including the upcoming survey just for Women with ADHD. Chantel Fouche, ADHD-Europe lead for the ADHD Women Project, will brief the audience about the project activities and how women are empowering and supporting each other globally. Feel free to read more about these insights and the exciting research opportunity for ‘Health of Women with ADHD, incl. Hormones and Cardiac Health‘

ADHD: How science is helping you and how you can help science with Radboud UMC, Nijmegen (NL) – 13 October 2021 – Radboud UMC, Nijmegen (NL) sharesring scientific information about great projects like CoCA, and findings about reward processing in ADHD. Dr. Jeanette Mostert is dissemination manager for the projects CoCA, Eat2beNICE and PRIME. She frequently collaborates with ADHD Europe and other patient organisations about how the scientific findings from these projects can be shared with the people who the research is about. She is a big advocate of Open Science and Citizen Science. Dener Cardoso Melo is a PhD student at the UMC Groningen. He is using data from the CoCA project together with other datasets to investigate the role of reward processing alterations in ADHD and other mental health conditions.

ADHD Europe Meeting about ADHD and the Law – 5 October 2021 – Broadcasting ADHD Europe: Members of ADHD Europe and guests sharing information about the legal status of ADHD in their country. Stigma, discrimination, insurance, driving a car etc.

ADHD and Autism: The overlap of traits in smart kids & adults with Dr. Thomas E.Brown – 20 July 2021 – Dr. Thomas E. Brown, internationally-recognized psychologist and writer, will share an updated understanding of ADHD with and without complications such as autistic traits. He will also describe ways to provide effective support and treatment for those who struggle with such difficulties so these talented kids and adults can flourish.

ADHD at Work with Dora Wynchank – 6 July 2021 – For adults with ADHD, the world of work can be one of their biggest challenges. However, innovative employers are increasingly understanding the value added by employees with ADHD. How do you balance between the burden of ADHD and the advantages it can bring at work? This is what Dr. Dora Wynchank will be talking about with our host, Hans van de Velde.

The Future of ADHD with Prof. Barbara Franke – 22 June 2021 – Join us to learn about state of the art scientific research into ADHD from Prof. Barbara Franke, a member of our Professional Board and Chair of Molecular Psychiatry at Radboud University in Nijmegen, NL. How do neurotransmitters like dopamine and noradrenaline relate to the seize of certain brain areas? What progress have scientists made so far? What instruments will help the doctor as well as the people with ADHD to better diagnose, treat and monitor ADHD including all its comorbidities? Will personalised medicine and monitoring ever be possible? We’ll find out all this and more in this exciting scientific webinar.

ADHD & Sleep with Prof. Sandra Kooij – 26 January 2021 – Sleeping well is a challenge if you have ADHD But why? More importantly, what can you do about it? Prof. Dr. Sandra Kooij, professor of ADHD in adults, will sit down with our host Hans van de Velde to discuss questions like:
• What is the late sleep phase in ADHD?
• Is ADHD actually a problem of the biological clock?
• Melatonin and other medications – do or don’t?
• What is light therapy and is it useful?

ADHD, Addiction, and Substance Abuse – Webinar with Prof. Ramos-Quiroga – 17 May 2021
ADHD often co-occurs with Substance Use Disorders (SUD) in both adults and adolescents, and this can complicate proper screening, diagnosis, and treatment, as well as resulting in poor treatment outcomes. In this webinar, Prof Antoni Ramos-Quiroga, Head of the Department of Pscyhiatry at Vall d’Hebron University Hospital, will discuss the genetic link between both conditions, the psychological aspects, diagnosis of both, and the options for treatment.


Managing Complex Kids in Complex Times with Elaine Taylor-Klaus – 19 November 2020A webinar organised by Broadcasting ADHD Europe in participation with ADDISS – if you find this webinar helpful, please help us to make more by making a donation on PayPal (here) This school year continues to be difficult for many parents and educators trying to manage kids with ADHD and related challenges, during a global pandemic, while things are constantly changing! Join this webinar to learn a practical approach to guide your family or students through these difficult times. Author of The Essential Guide to Raising Complex Kids with ADHD, Anxiety and More, Elaine Taylor-Klaus will provide insights and inspiration, specific techniques and strategies to help you support yourself, your child or your students, whether you’re still in quarantine or navigating hybrid work and school. Join us to explore a collaborative approach to problem-solving that fosters independence and brings peace and calm to homes and classrooms. Topics we’ll talk about include: The key reasons parents and educators tend to rescue or enable complex kids The 4 phases adults generally don’t know about that are essential to foster independence A simple model for empowering complex kids to manage their challenges with focus, organisation, emotional management, and more If you liked this webinar, why not register to attend and sign up to our newsletter to receive information about future events and the work of ADHD Europe? Scroll down the page to sign up.


ADHD and Isolation Helpful hints for families and individuals Kevin Roberts – 9 May 2020
Kevin Roberts, experienced ADHD Coach and author, is our guest at Broadcasting ADHD Europe. The COVID-19 (Corona) outbreak has put us in a never before experienced situation and is a huge challenge for most of us. Everyone around the world is facing the same challenges of lockdown, isolation and restricted movement and activities. For people with ADHD and/or other mental health problems the challenges can be really great. • How are families with ADHD dealing with isolation? • How does the brain with ADHD respond to this crisis? • How are parents dealing with their kids and youngsters, who have to stay home, do their schoolwork and keep social distancing in the streets?

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