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We cover the following topics for children with ADHD with various websites, articles, videos and information that is evidenced based

Many adults recognise symptoms of having ADHD, or are parents of a child have ADHD and found out that ADHD is genetic within families and get to know more about ADHD via our various awareness activities ,

Please contact one of our member organisations in your European country should you have any country specific countries. ADHD Europe does not offer any individual support or give references to coaches that may contact. 

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Who are the Professionals a Family May Need
for ADHD Support? 

Families work with a variety of medical, mental health, educational, and lifestyle support professionals for the care and well-being of their children. In Part 1, Dr. Dixon discusses the role of educational professionals and accommodations for students.

Managing Complex Kids in Complex Times
with Elaine Taylor-Klaus

A webinar organised by Broadcasting ADHD Europe in participation with ADDISS

This school year continues to be difficult for many parents and educators trying to manage kids with ADHD and related challenges, during a global pandemic, while things are constantly changing! Join this webinar to learn a practical approach to guide your family or students through these difficult times. Author of The Essential Guide to Raising Complex Kids with ADHD, Anxiety and More, Elaine Taylor-Klaus will provide insights and inspiration, specific techniques and strategies to help you support yourself, your child or your students, whether you’re still in quarantine or navigating hybrid work and school. Join us to explore a collaborative approach to problem-solving that fosters independence and brings peace and calm to homes and classrooms.

Topics we’ll talk about include: The key reasons parents and educators tend to rescue or enable complex kids The 4 phases adults generally don’t know about that are essential to foster independence A simple model for empowering complex kids to manage their challenges with focus, organisation, emotional management

Further Information

Thank you for visiting our website below are references which contains information about the facts of ADHD, book recommendations for all, common questions and answers about ADHD,  articles and videos by International Experts sharing their medical knowledge and best practices, literature and scientific publications, Clinical Practice Guidelines for Diagnosis & Treatment of ADHD, diagnositic tools, ADHD Europe Official Declarations (In the Workplace, Girls & Women, Help! My Teenager is Becoming an Adult), ADHD Europe survey about the situation with regards to Access to Diagnosis & Treatment in Europe, ADHD Awareness, ADHD Research.

ADHD Awareness

ADHD Europe collaborate with global coalitions  whot together with us to tackle issues to combat stigma & discrimination by sharing information which is informative for the public and can be used in society.


One of our key priorities is to promote the collaboration of scientific research into ADHD with evidence-based information

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