ADHD Europe represent the voices of people living with ADHD at various events across Europe. These events are either held in Brussels Parliament, or online, or at international conventions with researchers, or experts in the field of ADHD.

Events in 2024

January 2024

18 Jan – Les Enjeux Légaux du Trouble Déficit de l’Attention avec Hyperactivité, Nice, France
Formation soutenue par le Barreau de Nice, l’Institut de Formation et de Recherche du Barreau de Nice, et l’Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature. Nous remercions nos partenaires: l’Université Côte d’Azur, la Société Française du TDAH, l’Association Française de Psychiatrie Biologique et de Neuropsychopharmacologie, et ADHD Europe. Vous pouvez vous inscrire nombreux: avocats, juges, éducateurs, médecins (psychiatres, pédopsychiatres, pédiatres, etc.), psychologues et autres professionnels de la santé, enseignants, et personnes concernées par le TDAH et leur entourage.

April 2024

5th Apr International Conference in Hungary, Budapest
“Good life with ADHD” Internal Congress, hosted by ADHD Egyesület and shall be held in Hungary, Budapest and online. The conference will be held at OKISZ headquarters between 9 a.m. to 6 pm. Member discounts are available by becoming a member of ADHD Europe and we shall forward further information to you. This events will be held in English.

6th April  ADHD Europe Annual General Meeting Online & in Budapest, Hungary
We are pleased to announce the date and venue of our Annual General Meeting in Budapest, Hungary.  The programme for our full day event on the 6th April will be made available to our members.  Become a member to join us in person or online? It is a wonderful opportunity to meet our european members and share experiences about ADHD in different cultural communities. 

6-9th Apr, European Pschiatrist Association Congress, Budapest, Hungary ‘Mental Health – Open & Inclusive’ 
Mental health as a broad dimension from mental health prevention and resilience building to the treatment of specific disorders. Open refers not only to our fundamental human rights but also to open mindedness and curiosity for novel approaches and ideas. Inclusive implies welcoming and respecting differences between people. We are convinced that Budapest 2024 will prove to be an excellent opportunity to meet old and new friends, expand your horizons in our beautiful profession and enjoy the many excitements and delights Budapest and Hungary have to offer.

16- 18 April – UKAAN Conference 2024
Booking is now open. The UK Adult ADHD Network (UKAAN) will host a 3-day conference on  April 2024 at the Mermaid Conference and Events Centre in London

More Events

Annual General Meetings  – Each year our members travel to a designated country to all meet and network over 3 days. The official AGM is held on the saturday each year. Should you wish to join our AGM, you will need to become a member. Please read our member cirteria and reasons to join our membership here before applying.

Conferences by our Member organisations –Please do visit our member organisations websites to get up-to-date information on their yearly events. October is ADHD Awareness Month and support organisations across the globe celebrate with the whole month of October by raising awareness in their respective countries. 

Broadcasting Webinars – Our Youtube channel was launched in 2020 ‘Broadcasting ADHD Europe’. This iniative was created to allow our network of researchers, experts and specialists in the field of ADHD talk with the public and give presentations. All replays are available for free.

Past Events in 2023

R2D2-MH (Risk & Resilence in Developmental Diversity and Mental Health) – February and March 2023

Internal Research Consortia Meetings with Project Partners & ADHD Europe

7 February 2023, Workshop ‘Public and Patient Involvement: what it is and how to do it”

21 March 2023, “Involving people as Public and Patients involvement (PPI) contributors: The values and motivations underpinning involvement” 

Twitter: @R2d2Mh
LinkedIn: R2D2-MH project

Eat2BeNice – New Brain Nutrition – Effects of Nutrition and Lifestyle on Impulsive, Compulsive & Externalizing behaviours – January 2023

ADHD Europe were invited join online meetings during the duration of the Eat2BeNice Project. The project  General Meeting was held in Malta, in January 2024 of which Nina Hoven represented ADHD Europe. The outcomes of the project was an online cookbook. On the website you will be able to find

Online cookbook to download (practical tips, recipes, background information and videos)

Educational talks by Eat2beNICE experts / researchers from various universities and Dr. Alejandro Arias Vásquez on the link between the gut and the brain.

An easy-to-follow dictionary to quickly learn the list terms about New Brain Nutrition when it comes to anxiety, brain health, compulsivity, impulsivity, supplements, microbiome, Mediterranean Diet, Elimination Diet, micronutrients and more …/

An easy-to-follow dictionary to quickly learn the list terms about New Brain Nutrition when it comes to anxiety, brain health, compulsivity, impulsivity, supplements, microbiome, Mediterranean Diet, Elimination Diet, micronutrients and more …/

Blogs written by researchers and early career researchers

Cooking for your brain by the Celebrity Chef and Nutritionist Sebastian Lege with easy-to-do recipes with nutritional tips to live a healthier life, both mentally and physically

Twitter: @NewBrainNutri

Candy – Co-morbid analsys of Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Epilepsy – January 2023

In January 2023 we finally could meet for our first face-to-face General Assembly Meeting within our CANDY project. This special occasion deserves also a special location: Paris.

Nina Hoven gave a ‘MasterClass’ presentation remotely during the General Assembly for Early Career Researchers held in Paris in January 2024. The presentation was about how scientists speak to patients and giving tips on better communication strategies that could be used for dissemination materials. Andrea Bilbow spoke about the challenges of raising children with ADHD and autism especially when parents themselves have the conditions.

After 3 years of online and virtual meetings, we were very happy that so many consortium members took the way to meet for 3 days. We had a very nice and cozy meeting venue in the 1st Arrondissement, near Les Halles and could welcome almost 50 CANDY members. Especially the Early Career Researcher (ECR) were strongly represented, which we highly appreciated. After the CANDY Master Class, a meeting especially organized for training of ECRs, on Wednesday, 11th January afternoon, we had a nice dinner at the Hotel “Novotel Paris Les Halles” to welcome everyone, who has already arrived.

On Thursday, 12th January, we officially kicked-off our 4th CANDY GA Meeting with a warm welcome of our Coordinator, Jan Buitelaar. He also gave an introductory presentation about the overall status of the CANDY project: where do we stand, what challenges were faced over the last year and what is upcoming for the next two years.
Subsequent the Work packages gave their progress reports – in which some ECRs could present their results and data. The Ethics Advisory Board and Clinical Breakout Session had to be scheduled as well for the first day, as some participants were only able to join this day. But with coffee and macarons we managed well to complete the day with the highly interesting Keynote lecture by Prof. Nael Nadif Kasri (Radboudumc) with the title “Leveraging spontaneous activity in human stem cell derived neurons to model neurodevelopmental disorders”.
After such an interesting but also long meeting day we enjoyed a wonderful traditional French 3-course menu at the “Au Pied de Cochon”.

The second day started with the pre-clincial breakout session and an update on the work packages for Dissemination, Ethics and Project Management. The Scientific Advisory Board as well as the Exploitation and Innovation Management Board had closed discussion and presented their overview and recommendation to the consortium afterwards. Overall, the Advisory Boards were happy with the progress, however emphasized also some recommendations for the last years with the CANDY project. After Jan had thanked everyone for joining and the productive meeting, we closed the first face-to-face CANDY General Assembly Meeting.

Twitter: @candy_h2020

Past Events in 2022

R2D2-MH (Risk & Resilence in Developmental Diversity and Mental Health) – October 2022

The consortium of the EU-funded project Risk and Resilience in Developmental Diversity and Mental Health (R2D2-MH) is kicking-off today in Paris. 26 European and associated partners (Australia, Canada and Israel) will adopt a new approach to improve the well-being of individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders (NDD). They will move away from studying only risk towards and enhanced understanding and promotion of resilience. In doing so, they will consider developmental diversity as well as diagnosis as factors that influence wellbeing and functioning across the entire lifespan.

Twitter: @R2d2Mh
LinkedIn: R2D2-MH project

TimeSpan – Managing ADHD & Cardiometabolic diseases – 18 to 20 May 2022

Hans van de Velde, Nina Hoven and Chantel Fouche attended various online meetings. Hans van de Velde & Nina Hoven were both invited to give presentations at the face-to-face General Meeting in Stockholm in May 2022. Viljo Wilding and Andrea Bilbow also gave presentations at the meeting.

ADHD Europe disseminates information when and results of the research upon publication by the partners. There are opportunities for ADHD Europe to join scientific conferences which are  platforms for TIMESPAN talks, posters and symposia (Eunethydis, ECNP, World Congress on ADHD, World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics, European Congress on Obesity, European Society of Cardiology congress, UK Adult ADHD Network, International Conference on Pharmaco-epidemiology & Therapeutic Risk Management, Asian Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology, International Society of Pharmacovigilance).

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The World Health Organisation – 18 to 19 May 2022

Held two information consulations of which ADHD Europe were invited to join on 18 and 19 May 2022. WHO is committed to supporting the meaningful engagement of people living with noncommunicable diseases and mental health conditions (PLWNCDs and MHCs) worldwide. As part of this work, the WHO Global Coordination Mechanism on NCDs (GCM/NCDs) has engaged with PLWNCDs and MHCs to better understand and learn from individuals with lived experience to co-create NCD and mental health policies, programs and services.  

WHO GCM/NCD Secretariat and the WHO Regional Office for Europe invited ADHD Europe to represent our members at a online meeting entitled WHO Informal Consultation with People Living with Noncommunicable Diseases (PLWNCDs) and Mental Health Conditions (MHCs) in the European Region that took place on 18 and 19 May 2022. ADHD Europe had to complete a Declaration of Interest as WHO Expert to be able to join the meeting. We were accepted to be part of the meeting, and WHO forwarded us the concept note and participation guide to explore and support the co-development of a new WHO framework. ADHD Europe participated in discussions about meaningful engagement  across the two days representing the voices of people living with ADHD and. Recordings are available on youtube Day One and Day Two )

Advocating Mental Health & Gender Equality for Men/Women towards access to proper care & treatment in 2022

With thanks to EFNA (European Federation of Neurological Associations), The ADHD Women have ben included with EFNA’s network to work together as one voice towards the ‘Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls, and the European Parliament’s Committee on Women’s Rights’. Chantel Fouche represented members at various meetings

  1. Sharing her personal experience at an award ceremony for winning an awardfor her efforts as an individual in the development and promotion of advocacy for people with ADHD,  ‘Advocating for Gender Equity in Neurology.   More information 
  2. Speaking at the ‘Addressing Gender Equity in Neurological Care’ about was differences of ADHD in men & women. Results of the survey ‘‘Assessing diagnosis and care pathways of people living with neurological disorders’’ was also shared during the webinar. More information
  3. Participating at the MEP Interest Group (Brain, Mind, Pain) at European Parliament about ‘Addressing gender-related issues and bias in the prevention and treatment of neurological conditions’. More information

The ADHD-Europe Survey in 2022

Carola Stivala represented ADHD Europe and presented “The ADHD-Europe Survey 2020” on

  • 20 June 2022 – (face-to-face) at the European Society of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (ESCAP) Symposium entitled ‘’ADHD – The Patient’s Perspective’’, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • 22 Sept 2022 – (online) Presentation of for the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and the North Macedonian Association for ADHD, Skopje, North Macedonia.

ADHD Europe were invited to present the ‘Access to Diagnosis & Treatment’ Survey in French of which is also available on our website in French. Chantel Fouche travelled to Montpellier, France on the 22nd June 2023 to present survey which was a parent & public event attended by 200 people. The 23-24th was the Colloque International that was held in a large auditorium with over 1000 people or more and topic related workshops were held over the 2 days as well. ADHD Europe had a table in the visitors area where we displayed our pamphlets and roll-up. Our member organisations were also there, TDAH-France, TDAH Paca, ASPEDAH and AIFA. Dr. Dora Wynchank gave the opening presentation on the 23rd, and kindly spoke about ADHD Europe/ADHD Awareness Month activities and the ADHD Women Project at the end of her presentation about ADHD in Women.  More information

ADHD Europe representing their members in 2022

During three Annual General Meetings either online or face-to-face in Brussels

EFNA (European Federation of Neurological Associations)

ADHD Europe support the Book of Evidence Mandate 2019-2024 which is very much applicable to the advocacy work we do as an initiative of EFNA with the Brain, Mind, Pain MEP Interest Group.  The three themes are 

–  Eradicating Stigma, Isolation and Discrimination, our participation reaches back to 2019 presenting at the World Brain Day event. 
–  Access to Diagnosis and Support, we have been attending various focus group meetings with regards to the Pathways to Care, discussion the challenges before and after a diagnosis for all people living with ADHD.
–  Patient Empowerment for Increased Involvement and Engagement, through the ADHD Women Project, we have been advocating to high level stakeholders and policymakers about ADHD, including raising awareness to empower those living with ADHD.

Gamian Europe – Chantel Fouche has been sharing best practices from the women project peer to peer support groups to help support Gamian Europe’s ‘peer support project’ project to reach stakeholders to help in the development of the digital resource centre. More information to follow in 2023.

Mental Health Europe gave ADHD Europe the opportunity to share our experiences and share informative knowledge about ‘Stigma & Discrimination’ for people living with ADHD to many European Mental Health organizations. Myriam Bea and Chantel Fouche presented at the webinar event held on the 29th April 2022.


Preparations for this event started in October 2021 and the event took place on the 14th October 2022, in Leiden, Netherlands.

Leiden 2022 ‘City of Science’ with a 365‐day program of which we selected the ‘ADHD Day’ on the 14th for all who are curious and we created the motto: “The Power of ADHD” – to show that ADHD is not only a disability but also seen as a condition with different strengths and weaknesses compared to people without ADHD.

The program was very diverse to showcase ADHD, creativity, fantasy with interviews and interactive sessions with experts in the field of ADHD as ‘Science makes our minds wonder!’

Speakers on various aspects had their say, with classic lectures alternating with discussions and interactive talk shows. ADHD Europe used the opportunity to create more awareness and talk about the work we do. The event was held at the Leiden university in the Amphitheatre with participants at the venue and was also held online.

Guest speakers were very well organisated by Hans van de Velde.

Only humans can imagine the Future with Jacques Verraes LL.M. (Directorate-General for Research and Innovation at the European Commission) was the opening speech with a combination of lecture and interviews with young people on the topic “Creativity versus medication? Cooperation between you and your doctor”.

Lessa Schippers and Martine Hoogman provided information on “Qualities of ADHD, the positive sides. Imagine being a researcher”. Afterwards, Marianne Schulpen, Guus Lustig and Nicholas Cointepas spoke as employers and employees on the topics: “Can I profit from ADHD strengths as an employer?” and “Do I tell my employer about my ADHD as an employee?”

Focus on ADHD Women Health Research – Blurring the borders between living experience and clinical expertise’with Prof. Sandra Kooij & Bethan Burnside PhD

In a rather innovative way Bethan Burnside presented the latest news from ADHD research, followed by ex addicts with ADHD sharing their story.

During lunch and coffee breaks, speed coaching was offered. At the same time there was also the “Living Street Library” outside located at the nearby train station, we had a tent, with various posters promoting the Living Library and creating awareness of ADHD. People could come there to talk more about ADHD and find out more information.  We created an online Living Library with booklists for children, teenagers, adults, women and beginners guides to ADHD.

European Stakeholders Representation in 2022

ADHD Europe attended various stakeholder meetings with policymakers, WHO representatives, national brain councils, neurological patient organisations etc.) to raise more awareness of ADHD. These meetings were also attended by EFNA, Gamian Europe or Mental Health Europe. These meetings/conferences which were face-to-face giving an opportunity to promote ADHD Europe and the ADHD Women Project with marketing material and pamplets at

European Health Summit 2022

Brain Innovation Days Conference

 Policy Debate at the European Committee of Regions


23 JUNE 2022, | Montepellier, France,  Le programme proposé par le comité international et le comité scientifique permet de confronter les expériences d’experts de différents pays. 


23 -24 JUNE 2022, | Montepellier, France, 

23 June, Conference Grand Publique

24 June, Colloque International TDA/H 

Le programme proposé par le comité international et le comité scientifique permet de confronter les expériences d’experts de différents pays. 

Further Information

Thank you for visiting our website below are references which contains information about the facts of ADHD, book recommendations for all, common questions and answers about ADHD,  articles and videos by International Experts sharing their medical knowledge and best practices, literature and scientific publications, Clinical Practice Guidelines for Diagnosis & Treatment of ADHD, diagnositic tools, ADHD Europe Official Declarations (In the Workplace, Girls & Women, Help! My Teenager is Becoming an Adult), ADHD Europe survey about the situation with regards to Access to Diagnosis & Treatment in Europe, ADHD Awareness, ADHD Research.

ADHD Awareness

ADHD Europe collaborate with global coalitions  whot together with us to tackle issues to combat stigma & discrimination by sharing information which is informative for the public and can be used in society.


One of our key priorities is to promote the collaboration of scientific research into ADHD with evidence-based information



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