2024 – Events

5-6 April 2024 Online & in person – Conference & AGM – Hungary, Budapest

International Conference
‘A Good Life with ADHD’
Date: 5 April 2024

Time: 9h00 – 18h00
Online if you are unable to travel to Hungary
Venue: OKISZ headquarters, Hungary, Budapest
Language: English & Hungarian

ADHD Europe
Annual General Meeting
Date: 6 April 2024

Time: 9h00 – 18h00
Online if you are unable to travel to Hungary
Venue:  Hungary, Budapest
Language: English 

18 janvier 2024 – Les Enjeux Légaux du Trouble Déficit de l’Attention avec Hyperactivité

TDAH PACA et EDI Formation sont ravis de vous convier au Colloque Européen “Les Enjeux Légaux du TDAH” qui se déroulera au Centre Universitaire Méditerranéen de Nice le 18 janvier 2024.

Formation soutenue par le Barreau de Nice, l’Institut de Formation et de Recherche du Barreau de Nice, et l’Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature.

Nous remercions nos partenaires: l’Université Côte d’Azur, la Société Française du TDAH, l’Association Française de Psychiatrie Biologique et de Neuropsychopharmacologie, et ADHD Europe.

Vous pouvez vous inscrire nombreux: avocats, juges, éducateurs, médecins (psychiatres, pédopsychiatres, pédiatres, etc.), psychologues et autres professionnels de la santé, enseignants, et personnes concernées par le TDAH et leur entourage.

Inscription gratuite pour les adhérents de TDAH PACA et les étudiants de l’Université Côte d’Azur.

A Good Life with ADHD (continues from October 2023)

With thanks to our partners ‘ADHD Awareness Month Coalition (United States of America) and CADDAC (Canada) with the shared global goal of dissemination of reliable information about ADHD and its treatments.

The 2023 ADHD Awareness Month theme in the United States is “Moving Forward with ADHD”
and in Europe we are celebrating ”A Good Life with ADHD”

Since November 2023, we have been working on the theme for 2024. More news to follow.  Catch up on on all the great information by professionals in th field of ADHD which has been prepared by us and can be translated in your language, shared on social media and for your personal use to share with people who don’t think ‘ADHD is real.’ Help us reduce the amount of ‘stigma & discrimination’ that still exists today.

ADHD Awareness Month’s goal is to provide reliable information and resources to help people move forward with ADHD. Although the month of October is designated as ADHD Awareness Month, learning and sharing information about ADHD is beneficial all year long!  

We encourage the ADHD community to help all people move forward by continuing to share information, understanding, and support.

More events held throughout the Year

Annual General Meetings  – Each year our members travel to a designated country to all meet and network over 3 days. The official AGM is held on the saturday each year. Should you wish to join our AGM, you will need to become a member. Please read our member cirteria and reasons to join our membership here before applying.

European and Global Events – ADHD Europe represent the voices of people living with ADHD at various events across Europe. These events are either held in Brussels Parliament, or online, or at international conventions with researchers, or experts in the field of ADHD.

Broadcasting Webinars – Our Youtube channel was launched in 2020 ‘Broadcasting ADHD Europe’. This iniative was created to allow our network of researchers, experts and specialists in the field of ADHD talk with the public and give presentations. All replays are available for free.

Find an Event in Europe online or near You !

During summer 2023, many countries are finalising their events and/or promoting on their websites. Please do visit our member organisations websites to get up-to-date information on their yearly events. October is ADHD Awareness Month and support organisations across the globe celebrate with the whole month of October by raising awareness in their respective countries. 

2023 – Events

Join us online with Iceland’s 35th Anniversary Conference

26 – 27 October 2023, Reykajavik, Iceland

On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the ADHD Association of Iceland’s founding, a two-day conference, in collaboration with ADHD Europe, will be held on the 26st and 27th of October at Grand Hotel, Reykjavík Iceland. The conference title is “Better life with ADHD” and its goal is to draw attention to the impact of the disorder on adults, along with putting a focus on children and how teachers can support them towards success in education. Among speakers there will be Ari Tuckman, Kathleen Nadeau, Heiner Lachenmeier, Amori Mikami, Saaskia van der Oord, Sandra Koji, Urður Njarðvík, Elísa Guðnadóttir, Jóna Kristín Gunnarsdóttir and DeCode genetics among others. 

2022 – Events

Understanding a Shared Experience – Diagnosis & Treatment of ADHD in Europe

ADHD Europe member organisations in Europe are sharing their best practices and knowledge. All videos are very informative for everyone globally.


8-18 OCTOBER, ADHD DEUTSCHLAND & MEHR TOUR (Flensburg, Berlin, Lörrach, Bad Salzig & Koblenz, Aachen, Solingen,  Leiden (NL),  Überraschung






8 OCTOBER (ITALIA), Il programma prevede importanti contributi di relatori di fama nazionale ed internazionale, ci sarà una prima parte di interventi rivolti a tutti i partecipanti mentre al pomeriggio il convegno si divide in tre sessioni.


19-20 OCTOBER, Global leaders and experts from across the world will unite to increase understanding of and celebrate ADHD. This ground-breaking conference will lead insightful and inclusive discussions on all things ADHD to create change and to push for progress.


20 Octobre, Dans ce contexte, la Rehaklinik du CHNP organise un symposium autour du sujet : TDA/H – DE L’ENFANCE À LÂGE ADULTE


15 October, The Power of ADHD?


Further Information

Thank you for visiting our website below are references which contains information about the facts of ADHD, book recommendations for all, common questions and answers about ADHD,  articles and videos by International Experts sharing their medical knowledge and best practices, literature and scientific publications, Clinical Practice Guidelines for Diagnosis & Treatment of ADHD, diagnositic tools, ADHD Europe Official Declarations (In the Workplace, Girls & Women, Help! My Teenager is Becoming an Adult), ADHD Europe survey about the situation with regards to Access to Diagnosis & Treatment in Europe, ADHD Awareness, ADHD Research.

ADHD Awareness

ADHD Europe collaborate with global coalitions  whot together with us to tackle issues to combat stigma & discrimination by sharing information which is informative for the public and can be used in society.


One of our key priorities is to promote the collaboration of scientific research into ADHD with evidence-based information



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