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Internationally known ADHD Experts answered questions about:

  • ADHD relationships and communication
  • Comprehensive treatment plans for ADHD
  • ADHD parenting
  • Diagnosis of children and adults with ADHD
  • ADHD and co-occurring conditions

Each question below has a short video for you to watch that has been recorded and provided by an expert in the field of ADHD diagnosis, treatment, and life with ADHD.

Why does my partner with ADHD have so much trouble with emotional regulation?

Both partners have responsiblities in managning emotional outbursts –Emotional dysregulation is a key feature of adult ADHD and it can strain a relationship. Learning to recognize the source of emotional outbursts can help one become a better partner and allow both partners to work together to improve the relationship.

How can I improve communication at work?

Requesting accomodations might not be an option.  Having ADHD can make communication difficult in the workplace. Requesting accommodations isn’t always an option. Melissa Orlov offers some ideas on how you can address ADHD challenges to communication and productivity without using ADHD as an excuse.

How does distraction challenge a relationship when a partner has ADHD?

Misinterpretation of patterns cause problems. Becoming aware of patterns in a relationship when a partner has ADHD can help the relationship remain healthy. Symptoms such as distraction can cause hurt feelings when not recognized and addressed by both partners. Melissa Orlov encourages partners to use the tools of good communication to address patterns caused by ADHD.

What challenges to communication are caused by ADHD?

Distraction is a big strain. Other symptoms, such as inattention and forgetfulness, can make the partner without ADHD feel unloved. Working on symptom management together can improve communication and strengthen a relationship. Award winning author Meslissa Orlov tackles the notions of pain, confusion, and exhaustion in communication betwen partners when one has ADHD. She shares tools to understanding the patterns of the problems.

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