One of our key priorities is to promote the collaboration of scientific research into ADHD with evidence-based information and supporting the efforts of its members throughout Europe, in an effort to combat ignorance, stigma and intolerance with regard to ADHD. This page lists the research projects ADHD Europe is currently or has previously collaborated on:

  • Aggressotype (Investigates aggression in ADHD and conduct disorder)
  • Eat2BeNice  and New Brain Nutrition (Effects of Nutrition and Lifestyle on Impulsive, Compulsive, and Externalizing behaviours)
  • The MIND project (Investigates the clinical, cellular and molecular aspects of ADHD and autism)
  • The CoCA project (Investigates the shared causal mechanisms of ADHD, depression, substance abuse and obesity. An intervention study with light therapy and exercise aims to improve quality of life.)
  • ADDUCE (Study long-term safety in ADHD treatment during November 2011 and April 2016)

You can follow updates from these projects on our social media, using the links above, or on our news page.

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