More information about ADHD

What causes ADHD?

Evidenced based information as per publications in research and not just from too much sugar.

Signs & Symptoms

How can you tell if someone has (ADHD)?  What does a person with ADHD look like? How do you know that it is ADHD and not something else?

Executive Functioning

This summarised article explains ~  Working Memory / Mental Flexibility / Planning / Organization / Inhibition / Attention 

History of ADHD

This article dates back history to the year  1613.  We do hope to update this article with new findings and information soon.

Comorbidities & Co-Existing Conditions

What is comorbidity? In this article the topic is further addressed with an understand of consequences and untreated adhd, learning & developmental disorders, behaviours, sub-types & comorbidities, catering for special needs and more…..

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