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      What is the difference in ADHD between males and females? Research has found that the symptoms of ADHD in males and females are more alike than different. But when you ask men and women about their lived experiences with ADHD, you are likely to find some striking differences. Read more here

      What is the connection between ADHD and sleep problems? ADHD and sleep problems are intimately intertwined in 80% of children and adults with ADHD during lifetime. The sleep loss results in increased severity of ADHD symptoms, depression, obesity, and chronic diseases in the long term. Read more here 

      How are ADHD and executive functioning related? ADHD involves problems with setting priorities, getting organized and getting started; sustaining attention and effort, managing alertness and emotions; utilizing working memory and other aspects of the brain’s self-management system, its “executive functions.” Read more here

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    Talking about ADHD

    Knowing what to say and using the correct language when talking about ADHD can be difficult. With the useful information that we will be working on is a library of guides that are designed to help and can be used as tips when talking about ADHD, whether in public or in private. 

    The aim of the guide is to encourage people to think about and stop using words/rhetoric (including words that elicit negative narratives and stereotypes) that tend to feed into the stigma surrounding ADHD and cause psychological harm to those living with the disorder, and instead, use language that fosters understanding and awareness of ADHD and aligns with the recovery paradigm i.e. hope for the future, acceptance of disability, personal empowerment, etc.(as outlined in the National Health and Medical Council Recovery-focused language guide).

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    The History of ADHD

    This article dates back in history to the year  1613.  We do hope to update this article with new findings and information soon.

    What causes ADHD

    ADHD is an extremely complex and multifaceted condition, with diverse aetiological pathways, manifestations, and outcomes. As with so much in the field of ADHD research an exact and universally applicable causal structure has not been identified. This discussion considers the biological basis of the condition, as well as considering gene-environment interactions, and the most comprehensive account of ADHD as a bio-psychosocial condition.

    Signs & Symptoms

    How can you tell if someone has (ADHD)?  What does a person with ADHD look like? How do you know that it is ADHD and not something else?

    What are Executive Funtions?

    This summarised article explains ~  Working Memory / Mental Flexibility / Planning / Organization / Inhibition / Attention 

    Comorbidities & Co-Existing Conditions

    What is comorbidity? In this article the topic is further addressed with an understand of consequences and untreated adhd, learning & developmental disorders, behaviours, sub-types & comorbidities, catering for special needs and more…..


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    ADHD Europe collaborate with global coalitions  whot together with us to tackle issues to combat stigma & discrimination by sharing information which is informative for the public and can be used in society.


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