2022.10 – 1st to 31st Understanding a Shared Experience – ADHD Awareness Month 2022

The 2022 theme for October ADHD Awareness Month is “ADHD: Understanding A Shared Experience”

ADHD Europe has partnered with ADHD Awareness Month Coalition is to educate the public about ADHD. The Coalition members include the Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA), ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO), and Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) 

What can you expect for Global ADHD Awarenss month. Each week during October,  short videos will be posted on www.adhdawarenessmonth.org with experts as they talk about the commonalities they see in people’s ADHD experiences with assessment, treatment, families, and adulthood. These speakers are internationally-recognized ADHD experts, Dr. Thomas E. Brown, Dr. Margaret H. Sibley, Dr. J. Faye Dixon, and Dr. Ari Tuckman with topics. Public activities that you can be involved in are 

sharing experiences - the adhd women project

Members of ADHD Europe will be sharing their individual experiences in their national languages. Follow us on social media in October to get the links to the youtube videos.  Please follow the upcoming activities on our social media channels or check out all activities on https://linktr.ee/ADHDWomen 

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PROGRAMME #talking thursdays every thursday in october

Our goal is to reach the public and raise awareness in Europe and globally.  
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There will be 4 webinars  will be available during October every thursday in October #TalkingThursdays. We will host videos and live recordings via our Youtube Channel 

1. Diagnosis

2. Treatment

3. ADHD in Women (Relationships, Workplace, Empowerment

4. ‘Whoa! What Happened’ which will focus on children and behaviour 

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week 1 – 





‘diagnosis of adhd’
in member states in Europe

ADHD Europe will be hosting a series of webinars.

Read ADHD Europe’s survey about the Access to Diagnosis / Treatment in Europe.

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week 2 –





‘treatment of adhd’
in member states in europe

We will be hosting a series of webinars

Read ADHD Europe’s survey about the Access to Diagnosis / Treatment in Europe.

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week 3 –



6.30 – 7.30pm CET

ADHD in Women (Relationships, Workplace, Empowerment)

‘Impact of ADHD at work, in families, relationships and sexuality’ 
presented by Dr. Dora Wynchank

This talk will explore some intimate areas in the life experience of women with ADHD. What characterises their relationships, and their sexual experience? In a couple when one member has ADHD, what is the impact on the relationships? We will discuss the research on whether sexual problems or gender identities are affected by having ADHD. Finally, we will look at some of the sequelae of having untreated ADHD in the workplace.

‘Positive Disruptors: ADHD Women and their Wins’  
presented by Dr. Kate Carr Fanning

This talk will explore the need to provide opportunities for empowerment for woman with ADHD. We will share preliminary findings from a recent study with woman with ADHD identifying empowerment enablers in education and employment. We will particularly focus on what educators, employers, woman themselves and others working with them can do to enable the empowerment of woman with ADHD.  

How am I empowered?’

Chantel Fouche lead of ADHD Women Project (ADHD Europe) with be #sharingexperiences of empowering herself and others by raising awareness globally. She will share what ‘Gender Equality’ means to her and how society can help combat stigma & discrimination for all ADHD men and Women, their families, and carers. 

‘Everyday is ADHD Awareness Day’



Dr. Dora Wynchank is a psychiatrist working in adult ADHD at PsyQ in the Haque, Netherlands.  editor of the DIVA Foundation, and active contributor to the European Adult ADHD Network. Her expertise includes diagnosing and treating ADHD and comorbidities in adult and adolescent ADHD. The sleep disorders associated with ADHD are her research interest. She lectures widely in an attempt to de-stigmatise mental conditions. Dora is a professional member of ADHD Europe



Dr. Kate Carr-Fanning  is a Lecturer in Psychology in Education at the University of Bristol. Kate is a psychologist, she completed her PhD in psychology and education at Trinity College Dublin, where she focused on the inclusion of learners with ADHD in education. She then spent 8 years in the School of Psychology in Coventry University before moving to Bristol. Kate’s research interests are all things ADHD, she is working with the Woman’s Project on a study called ‘Positive Disruptors: Woman with ADHD and their Wins’ exploring the female experience of ADHD with a particular focus on empowerment. Kate has over 15 years of experience of working with people effected by ADHD. She sits on the Board of Directors of ADHD Ireland and on the Professional Advisory Board of ADHD Europe.



  • Chantel Fouche, lead of the ADHD Women Project. Chantel is a volunteer at ADHD Europe and ADHD, ASC & LD Belgium.  Her interests are to actively advocate for the ADHD voice and promote ‘Gender Equality’ for all people living with ADHD ; to create & sustain networks to raise more awareness around the globe ;  and  to disseminate evidenced based information about ADHD to stop stigma & discrimination.

week 4 –





‘WHOA! what happened?’ A focus on  family issues with children, emerging adults in education & behaviour

“Whoa, what happened?!” – about defiance behavior 

When defiance takes over in intensity or duration, or when it affects the person or the environment emotionally in a tangible way – then you need to do something about it. During the lecture, which is aimed at relatives, you learn strategies and methods for dealing with defiance and defiance syndrome in children and young people.



Eric Donnel is the Vice-President of Riksforbendent at the Swedish National Association for ADHD in Sweden, Professional Speaker, Registered Nurse working with ADHD and ODD and a YouTuber on the same subjects
 (youtube.com/LivetmedNPF, subtitled into many languages).


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