ADHD Relationships & Communication

Common Questions & Answers

What are the most common relationship issues when one partner has ADHD? Having under-managed ADHD in your relationship means angry interactions are likely. But once you understand ADHD better, you can find the love you thought you had lost. Read more here

What is the relationship between ADHD and emotional regulation? Throughout its 240+ year history in the medical literature, ADHD was known to be associated with significant problems with impulsive emotion and poor emotional self-regulation so much so that some theorists considered it a core feature of the disorder. Read more here

ADHD, Sex, Intimacy & Relationships

In this webinar, expert Ari Tuckman, psychologist and certified sex therapist. The field of intimacy, sex and relationships can be very challenging for the ADHD brain. In our webinar we talk openly about it, bust misunderstandings and share insights.

Short Videos on Relationships & Communication

Each question below has a short video for you to watch that has been recorded and provided by an expert in the field of ADHD diagnosis, treatment, and life with ADHD. Click on the links below to watch a video. 

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