It is very important to raise awareness and better understanding of ADHD. One good way to do this is to create places where we share information and support health professionals and public service who work with adhd people. Better understanding and management of adhd also improve quality of life. Together we make the change!

Diagnosis & Treatment #TalkingThursdays

Every year our goal is to reach the public and raise awareness in Europe and globally. In 2022, we celebrated #TalkingThursdays by launching videos and live online webinars each week of October. 

ADHD Europe members talking about diagnosis / treatment in their country. Diagnosis & Treatment is different in each European country in Europe. Our members from Europe shared their best practices and knowledge. All videos are very informative for everyone globally. 

What to expect?
Where to find information in English, and what to expect during the step-by-step process.
Parent Associations

 The Role of Spanish Parent Organisations on Awareness, Diagnosis & Treatment of ADHD in Spain 

ADHD Guidelines

Dr. Lefa Eddy, pediatrician and psychiatrist for children and adolescents, who was a collaborator at the First ADHD Clinical Guidelines.

Teens to Adults

Dr. Antoni Ramos-Quiroga, Director of the Psychiatry Department at the hospital of Valle Hebron, in Barcelona, and Professional Advisor for ADHD Europe, talks on the situation on the transition to adolescence to adulthood at the treatment level and diagnosis and treatment of adults with ADHD.  


Whoa! What happened?

 ‘A focus on Family issues with children, emerging adults in Education & behaviour’.  Eric Donnel 

ADHD in Women

 Positive Disruptors: ADHD Women and their Wins’  


Positive Disruptors: ADHD Women and their Wins’  providing opportunities for empowerment for woman with ADHD and sharing preliminary findings from a study identifying empowerment enablers in education and employment. Particularly focusing on what educators, employers, woman themselves  others working with them can do to enable the empowerment of woman with ADHD.  ‘

‘Impact of ADHD at work, in families, relationships and sexuality’  exploring some intimate areas in the life experience of women with ADHD. What characterises their relationships & their sexual experience? In a couple when one member has ADHD, what is the impact on the relationships? Discussing the research on whether sexual problems or gender identities are affected by having ADHD &  some of the the sequelae of having untreated ADHD in the workplace. 


Whoa! What happened? When defiance takes over in intensity or duration, or when it affects the person or the environment emotionally in a tangible way – then you need to do something about it. During the lecture, which is aimed at relatives, you learn strategies and methods for dealing with defiance and defiance syndrome in children and young people.


ADHD Europe has partnered with ADHD Awareness Month Coalition to educate the public about ADHD. The Coalition members include the Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA), ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO), and Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) 

The following vidoes were recorded by  http://www.adhdawarenessmonth.org

ADHD Evaluation

What is an Evaluation for ADHD like? Thomas E. Brown, PhD talks about the process of assessing people for ADHD. It’s a matter of finding out how your life resembles the diagnostic criteria for ADHD. It’s not scary.  

ADHD Treatment

How do the different ADHD treatment options work? Margaret H. Sibley, PhD talks about the treatment options for people with ADHD.  Margaret H. Sibley, PhD talks about Treatments for ADHD shared experience.  There several options in creating an ADD treatment plan. Working with the healthcare provider, you can decide what is best to include in your child’s or your own plan.


Should I disclose my ADHD diagnosis at work? – Dr. Ari Tuckman. Telling the boss you have ADHD is a big decision and not to be done casually. Dr. Ari Tuckman has some advice on when and why you might disclose at work — and when you might not  ‘I think if the question is: Do you disclose at work? That’s a little bit more complicated because the rest of our life does not have human resources law applied to it. I think if you have a boss who seems understanding, if you have co-workers who seem understanding, perhaps’. 





Members of ADHD Europe are sharing their individual experiences in their national languages.

ADHD in Girls / Women

 Various videos submitted by professionals and experts. 
See the full playlist here.

Diagnosis/Treatment of ADHD 

Various videos in many languages submitted by men and women who belong to ADHD Europe membership.
See the full playlist here

 Awareness & Advocacy

ADHD Europe representatives raise awareness throughout the year and advocate.
See the full playlist here.

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