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ADHD, Addiction, and Substance Abuse Webinar

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Join us online on Monday, 17th May at 20:00 CEST / 19:00 BST / 14:00 EST! 

ADHD often co-occurs with Substance Use Disorders (SUD) in both adults and adolescents, and this can complicate proper screening, diagnosis, and treatment, as well as resulting in poor treatment outcomes. In this webinar, Prof Antoni Ramos-Quiroga, Head of the Department of Pscyhiatry at Vall d'Hebron University Hospital and Professor of Mental Health and Addiction, will be interviewed by our host Hans van de Velde. They will discuss issues such as:

  • The genetic link between ADHD and substance abuse
  • The psychological aspects like low self esteem
  • Diagnosis of ADHD and SUD
  • Medical treatment
  • Non-medical treatment and guidance, like for instance the 12-Steps method including the peer-support-group N.A.-network

This will be extremely useful information for people with ADHD, their friends and families, members of ADHD Europe, and for the general public. If you want to attend, make sure to register now to receive updates about the event and take this opportunity to submit a question for Prof. Ramos-Quiroga.
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We hope to see you soon, and we hope you enjoy the webinar!

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Hans van de Velde, Vice-President & Broadcasting Lead
Viljo Wilding, Board Member

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Our Guest Speaker

Prof. J. Antoni Ramos-Quiroga is the head of the Department of Psychiatry at Vall d'Hebron University Hospital and Professor of Mental Health and Addiction. He is also a member of our Professional Advisory Board.

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