Implications in the workplace

Our 2018 campaign on ADHD in adulthood focused on the implications for people with ADHD in the workplace.

As evidenced by many studies, there are brain differences in those affected by ADHD that persist with full or partial symptomatology throughout the lifespan and – if left undiagnosed and untreated – put a significant economic burden on the individuals affected, their families and society at large. At the same time, these brain differences bring with them unique strengths and skills that can be of significant benefit in the workplace if recognized and utilized.

Unfortunately, many adults who have ADHD remain undiagnosed and untreated so that in many cases their limitations far outweigh their strengths. On the other hand, if the right interventions are provided, employees with ADHD can be extremely useful in careers that involve sales, innovation, teaching and training, a level of risk-taking, crisis management and in a team, these employees can fulfill the role of an idea generator, showing perseverance and endless energy; this is especially the case in a career about which they are very passionate.

Human rights and the rights of people with disabilities at work should be taken into consideration for adults who have ADHD so that they have equal rights to achieve their full potential. Employers need to develop awareness about ADHD and have appropriate supportive structures in place so that they can recognize why otherwise competent and knowledgeable employees are underperforming and unable to hold their own in the workplace.

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